My Monthly…

Hey :). How ya’ll doin? Fashion is Freedom now gets
around 300 views per week. Yay! Thank you even if you
just click out of curiosity. I appreciate anyone checking
out my hard work.

NaturelleBella is having a model search! For models who are
interested please inbox Auliet,
with your portfolio – or if you do not have a portfolio 3 *hiresnobg
screenshots of your avatar.

It is that time of month – yet again.
No not that time o.o.

Fashion is Freedom is looking for it’s new
Face :). Featured Model of the Month.
There is no application, I will be looking all
over IMVU, fashion shows, ads, and more for this
new lady or gentlemen. So make sure your out there
working hard because the winner – Announced on Dec 16th,
wins 5k, a photoshoot, and interview with me 🙂
Good luck!

Fashion Trends:
Jean jackets+studs, rips, tears, and band graphics
Two tone or tri tone jeans
Gold GLitter
Collar, Tie, Bow Tie, etc Necklaces
Colorful Shoes

Top: Wizaard
Bottoms: Jennay
Shoes: Seniha88
Necklace: GlamV1

That’s all for this chick. Ya’ll have a good one 🙂


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