Hola chicas and chicos. I have come with a
update for the Featured Model of the Month.
The winner is someone I have seen in many fashion
shows and in ads so many times this month alone.

You may know of her, her style is impeccably
bright and playful just like her personality.
I got the opportunity to sit down with the winner.
Miss PiinkRebel herself.

And in an unfortunate IMVU-style error, after
the interview I crashed before I could copy her interview.
But the lovely lady quickly sent me the answers to all of
the questions I asked.

1. What got you into Modeling?
Modeling on imvu IS my passion for fashion, and cant forget the
catalog with so many work of art from creators.

2. What is your favorite part of modeling?
My favorite part of modeling i must say is putting the outfits
together to create to looks and the photoshoots! Just love making
love to the camera with my eyes.

3. What are some of your favorite moments from modeling?
My favorite moments from modeling is having the opportunity to
meet new people such as devs and models. ^_^ Not forgetting
winning the Miss IMVU contest held my 6 star modeling agency
2 years in a row a moment to never forget.

4. What developers has modeling introduced you to?
Wow, ehh, devs ive met during my modeling.. so many!!
So ima just name a few such as Visnova, Diiva, Frenchie91,
Shawdablunt, Delishiis, Auliet and much more to much to mention.

5. Is there a model or dev who inspire you today?
Tough question v.v well ima have to say Frenchie91
is ONE of the devs to inspires me her creations are so
unique and she’s from the islands like moi. =D As for model
i have to say my daughter HighlyRated, because shes , talented
and works very hard to be the best model she can be, her style is so unique!.

6. You are also an amazing developer, what got you into doing that?
What got me into developping is the fact their would be lots of things
i would i love to wear but isnt found in the catty so ima try my best
to make it 1 day to be able to create those items for the catty.

7. What is advice you can give to aspiring models?
For all the upcoming models out there, ill have to say
is whatever you are modeling you have to OWN the outfit
with you body language(on imvu ima have to say poses have
large varieties of poses and facial expressions is a MUST!
As for accessories less is more. Most of all Never give up!
in the fashion industry you gonna get alot of critics but
that what makes a good model. Remember FASHION FADES BUT STYLE IS ETERNAL!!

8. Do you ever get nervous when you are doing a fashion show?
What can be very nerve breaking is being in the middle of a fashion
show or contest and messing up.. cause i be in the spotlight havin all
eyes on me.. so i try my best to do my best cause u never know who
can hit u up after the show to get you to model for them. Ciao!

Thank you for your wonderful insight, and for meeting with me Miss Rebel :).
She won a photo shoot with myself, as well as the new face of FashionxisxFreedom,
as you can clearly see and for the next month her user page or portfolio will be
linked in the side bar. So again congratulations Miss Rebel!


and, lastly my fit of the day ^_^

Top: Quill
Bottoms: Sugi
Shoes: CrazyDesigners

That’s all for now. I just wanna take a moment and say to those
who support me, click my links, and repulse – thank you.
I get about 500 views a week now. And IK without my IMVU
supporters this lil old blog – that is a hobby – would
still be waiting to be written.

Next post I will FINALLY put pics from the last Milian, fashion show.
Yes it was last month almost, but I am editing them so boo.
I will also be posting photos from the LaCouture Academy,
fashion show case DEVELOPER BATTLE: PrettiKitti vs Xue. I thought
it would be cute lol. And the first two models walking are a couple so it signifies:

Love inspires creativity, competition inspires productivity, together these tools
will get you far in life and on IMVU ❤

Take care!


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