Dev vs. Dev Fashion Battle

Today is the day of the LaCouture Academy™ Dev vs Dev. Fashion Battle.
Each student in the show was given instructiosn to purchase three products and create
three seperate outfits from the devleoper whose team they were on between Moralised
and Low. Which team will come out on top and whcih model will be Top Model for the month of January?
The vote is in the hands of the audience. The items below ere worn in the show, and are linked for
your buying privelages. Thank you for joining us on our most prestigous occasion.

Team Low

On Connect:

On Maisy:

On Persuasiive:

On SamBoos:

On iiErnie:

Team Moralised

On Decreasing:

On iLolall:

On llBlayzell:


Tomboy Pretty

Merry Merry Christmas :). Just a quick update than after New Years, I’ll
be posting weekly, or more often. So lately I been notice a rising fashion
trend, and it is what I call Tomboy Pretty. Baggy jeans, baggy graphic tees,
or boyfriend sweaters, freshly made kicks or timbs, with a lil girly flair,
its really cute ^_^. And right now with the beanie/hair combos and sweaters,
very warm.


Models are left to right,me, myself, and I lol XD.

Outfit 1:
Top&Kicks: Almighty
Sweats: Beige

Outfit 2:
Top: iish
Bottoms: Low
Shoes&Socks: PrettiKitti

Outfit 3:
Outfit+Sneakers: Myah

Have a great holiday<3


Hola chicas and chicos. I have come with a
update for the Featured Model of the Month.
The winner is someone I have seen in many fashion
shows and in ads so many times this month alone.

You may know of her, her style is impeccably
bright and playful just like her personality.
I got the opportunity to sit down with the winner.
Miss PiinkRebel herself.

And in an unfortunate IMVU-style error, after
the interview I crashed before I could copy her interview.
But the lovely lady quickly sent me the answers to all of
the questions I asked.

1. What got you into Modeling?
Modeling on imvu IS my passion for fashion, and cant forget the
catalog with so many work of art from creators.

2. What is your favorite part of modeling?
My favorite part of modeling i must say is putting the outfits
together to create to looks and the photoshoots! Just love making
love to the camera with my eyes.

3. What are some of your favorite moments from modeling?
My favorite moments from modeling is having the opportunity to
meet new people such as devs and models. ^_^ Not forgetting
winning the Miss IMVU contest held my 6 star modeling agency
2 years in a row a moment to never forget.

4. What developers has modeling introduced you to?
Wow, ehh, devs ive met during my modeling.. so many!!
So ima just name a few such as Visnova, Diiva, Frenchie91,
Shawdablunt, Delishiis, Auliet and much more to much to mention.

5. Is there a model or dev who inspire you today?
Tough question v.v well ima have to say Frenchie91
is ONE of the devs to inspires me her creations are so
unique and she’s from the islands like moi. =D As for model
i have to say my daughter HighlyRated, because shes , talented
and works very hard to be the best model she can be, her style is so unique!.

6. You are also an amazing developer, what got you into doing that?
What got me into developping is the fact their would be lots of things
i would i love to wear but isnt found in the catty so ima try my best
to make it 1 day to be able to create those items for the catty.

7. What is advice you can give to aspiring models?
For all the upcoming models out there, ill have to say
is whatever you are modeling you have to OWN the outfit
with you body language(on imvu ima have to say poses have
large varieties of poses and facial expressions is a MUST!
As for accessories less is more. Most of all Never give up!
in the fashion industry you gonna get alot of critics but
that what makes a good model. Remember FASHION FADES BUT STYLE IS ETERNAL!!

8. Do you ever get nervous when you are doing a fashion show?
What can be very nerve breaking is being in the middle of a fashion
show or contest and messing up.. cause i be in the spotlight havin all
eyes on me.. so i try my best to do my best cause u never know who
can hit u up after the show to get you to model for them. Ciao!

Thank you for your wonderful insight, and for meeting with me Miss Rebel :).
She won a photo shoot with myself, as well as the new face of FashionxisxFreedom,
as you can clearly see and for the next month her user page or portfolio will be
linked in the side bar. So again congratulations Miss Rebel!


and, lastly my fit of the day ^_^

Top: Quill
Bottoms: Sugi
Shoes: CrazyDesigners

That’s all for now. I just wanna take a moment and say to those
who support me, click my links, and repulse – thank you.
I get about 500 views a week now. And IK without my IMVU
supporters this lil old blog – that is a hobby – would
still be waiting to be written.

Next post I will FINALLY put pics from the last Milian, fashion show.
Yes it was last month almost, but I am editing them so boo.
I will also be posting photos from the LaCouture Academy,
fashion show case DEVELOPER BATTLE: PrettiKitti vs Xue. I thought
it would be cute lol. And the first two models walking are a couple so it signifies:

Love inspires creativity, competition inspires productivity, together these tools
will get you far in life and on IMVU ❤

Take care!

Happy Turkey Day

So this will be my last update until after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone finds themselves
in the company of people that they love, with good food to eat, a warm couch to nap
on, and laughter that decks the halls lol.

And my friends Bri, Chin, Angel, and Bella, helped me out with today’s outfits. Thanks for modeling for me ladies.

-On Me-
Top: Nena
Bottoms: WhatAChickk
Shoes: PurrtyKitty

If you wanna know what the other ladies are wearing, I will post the links up, after Thanksgiving.
I am still looking through for our next Model, so keep getting your face out
there Models.

That’s all for me, Lala, thanks for coming by.

My Monthly…

Hey :). How ya’ll doin? Fashion is Freedom now gets
around 300 views per week. Yay! Thank you even if you
just click out of curiosity. I appreciate anyone checking
out my hard work.

NaturelleBella is having a model search! For models who are
interested please inbox Auliet,
with your portfolio – or if you do not have a portfolio 3 *hiresnobg
screenshots of your avatar.

It is that time of month – yet again.
No not that time o.o.

Fashion is Freedom is looking for it’s new
Face :). Featured Model of the Month.
There is no application, I will be looking all
over IMVU, fashion shows, ads, and more for this
new lady or gentlemen. So make sure your out there
working hard because the winner – Announced on Dec 16th,
wins 5k, a photoshoot, and interview with me 🙂
Good luck!

Fashion Trends:
Jean jackets+studs, rips, tears, and band graphics
Two tone or tri tone jeans
Gold GLitter
Collar, Tie, Bow Tie, etc Necklaces
Colorful Shoes

Top: Wizaard
Bottoms: Jennay
Shoes: Seniha88
Necklace: GlamV1

That’s all for this chick. Ya’ll have a good one 🙂


Hello 🙂 so I have a few things to say, just my own opinion, lil ol’ me ^_^
I been seeing alot of usage of the sharpen, blue, highlight tool
in editing lately-now I use the highlight tool often on backgrounds bc it
gives it a nice polish look but sharpening too much make your nose look
like it has had a one to many meetings with a lil something something.
It’s good to use a few times to bring your avi details out more, but don;t
relay on that as the basis for your editing as it is boring. Now many
people make this look good, i.e. Luva,
but just bc they do it well don’t mean you will or you should – get your own style.
I too use sharpen and highlight as stated above but I try to put my own style into it,
even if you fail at that at least it is uniquely yours.

I also have been seeing quite a few more of the larger heads around, while some are
crute, I think they should be for personal usage esp if you looking for a long career
in modeling bc they a trend, a fad like mixing leopard and zebra, and neon everything.
Some developers may ask for that style so it is good to have options but..mostly if you
walk into an agency or audition with a saucer for ahead you be booted, or won’t be taken

On another note @ Diiva, doing what she does best with
her new derivable bottoms. Personally is a positive way to guide new devs into meshing and
texturing. Haha I can’t wait to try them out ^_^, not to mention about two pages worth of new
products (some derivable) so if your credits burnin a whole in your pocket then you know where to go right?

And there has been a lot of drama on IMVU lately, and ofc everyone free to what they say,
how they feel, just like me but…why pulse about it? & This is not directed at anyone,
just the whole of IMVU. As a model if you are known for drama you will not be hired,
what dev wants drama with their name, unless its defending/retaliating against someone
for DCMA, etc.

Anyways those are my words, my thoughts, take’em or leave’em 🙂

Fit of the Day.

Models: MySelf(LalaMode) DiroLV

Top: KimK
Bottoms: LMeme
Heels: ExoticM

Top: Ic0nic
Bottoms: Low
Shoes: Unifi3d
Jewelry: Classy

Mix-Match/Random Fit:

Cardigan: Impressive
Top: Loven
Bottoms: PrettiKitti
Shoes: MissC
Custom Jewelry: Claiire

If you are a developer, please comment with your pulse ad and Fashion is Freedom!
will daily repulse your ad free of charge.

Ya’ll take care now 🙂

Bouswah Fashion

Welcome back. I apologize for the long

wait. I have had some health issues but, here I have

an update. So Again I am making changes,

purely each day I will update with outfits, made

from products from the catty. I will link those procustsroducts,

and the Face of FiF will be chosen each month from the FiF Fashion

Shows. Here are my outfits for today:

Products Worn:
Cardigan & Heels: PrettiKitti
Top: Coochie
Bottoms: WannaMonroe
Earrings: GlamV1

Products Worn:
Top: Tiz
Bottoms & Boots: PrettiKitti
Necklace: GlamV1

That is all. Good day.

I said good day!