Who’s That Girl!?

Hey this is Lala[UrbanistaCouture].
Welcome to my IMVU Fashion Blog.
I was inspired to create my blog by NaturelleBella!
I am a model and developer on IMVU-which is a 3D Chat site sort of like Second Life.
On my fashion blog you will experience new developers,
amazing rooms and fashion finds, how to up your style,
and more.
Thanks for visiting, if you have any questions-please leave a comment and ask <3!
Also if you own a fashion blog and would like to be advertised with me,
please leave a comment with your site link and name :).

Hello I’m Adrienne. Ive been on imvu
for 5 years and know my way around the cati.I model &
dev on for many well known developers.& are starting
my own line now, Intrigued Designer Nails(I.D.N.) is
my brand’s name & please take a look at my cati as welll ^3^.
I hope that you like the style i bring to the blog!

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