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Welcome to Mini-Nistas, the one place in the IMVU

Fashion Blog craze that’s sole focus and purpose is to seek,

promote and help child models and child developers.

Child roleplayers are becoming more and more popular

on IMVU, an as a result so are Child Developers. Everyday

one this blog I will post several outfits, linked to products,

with real IMVU child models wearing them.
Also partnering with LAC Kidâ„¢

who are affiliating with LaCouture Academyâ„¢, a modeling school

on IMVU who has helped hundreds of models get their start. Mini-Nistas are just now starting and need 2-3 model,

who would like to earn photoshoots and edits for their portfolios, ages 5-18, with a large wardobe full

of themes for dress up and more. These models will also be gifted products for photoshoots for

Fashion Star photoshoots, and more. If you or your child are interested please message LalaMode

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New Features

And so I have decided to enhance my blog with a Weekly Featured Developer,
like with my Daily Featured Products, and Monthly Featured Model – also new features
that I am starting right now. As for our Featured Developer, I would love
to have Miss Canday. Her
products are amazing, and her 90s Sexiness Tops are tahdiefor.

Not to mention hairs, bottoms, accessories, nails all
fitting that unique yet urban style that is trending right now.
(And hellzyes I am rocking me sum Pacman pants – wheres yours?)

So, for the fans of this talented developer if you have a question
you would like answered, please ask away via commenting here, messaging me LalaMode,
or even replying to the pulse about this blog. All questions will be sent to Miss Canday,
and the answers will be up in my next post with a look at Canday’s newest products
on a very lucky model – that I (with Canday’s blessing) will be gifting the
products to model for the blog. If your interested comment with a link
to your portfolio or message it to me 🙂 Thanks<3.

Speaking of Canday, she is one of the many devs taking part in
the * Roll Bounce Fashion Show : A Blast from the Past *:

Which look’s effing brilliant, and I cannot wait to see what
these devs have been working so hard on and I of course will be taking
photos so yay! Click the flier to go to the public group, so you can get more
info on when, and to rsvp :).

Okay, our Daily Featured Product, is a head. And..although I did not like
the big heads some models are using and I still think its better to save those
for personal time not modeling but a few of them have grown on me,
and it does give developers that unique edge they all search for.
I have found one that’s pretty nice and goes with a lot of skintones.
KimKardashian is
the creator of the Blac Chyna 2 Head, shown below.

Also Shown –
Vest & Skin: JCarter
Pants: Tiz
Boots: Unifi3d

This month’s Featured Model is Connect:
This model will be the face of Fashion is Freedom,
until 11/2512; they also win 5k, their portfolio linked
in every post I make, and on the front page, and they get a
photo shoot with me :)Congratulations hun!

So check back soon to see our Featured Model of the Month!
Each month I look through all the active agencies, fashion
show preparations, and ads on IMVU, to find models who are talented,
experienced, and still working today. Connect will be walking
in the Roll Bounce Fashion Show, so make sure you rsvp 🙂

Lastly, Outfit of the Day:

Bodysuit: Pierce
Heels: Sugi
Hair: Luva

That’s all for now. <3!♥

And the Winner Is….

MoiBonitaxx is the winner of the Luna Avi Bundle, congrats
hun. Avi has been sent, I hope you enjoy and it makes your modeling
career even better. All those who posted a comment, are truly appreciated,
and I wish I could send something to everyone, but I can’t, sorry.

This is a small update, and I will be more frequent,
I came back two weeks ago to find my IMVU account hacked and sold,
by a friend so I am finally getting my IMVU life back

Anywho, I hope everyone has a great night!
I will be posting photos from the ROllBounce fashion show this weekend,
and hopefully tomorrow I will be posting my new students of
LaCouture Academyâ„¢, and new times for classes.

Take care,


Outfit of the Day:

Outfit: Jesika767
I was feeling the hippy vibe, and these jeans
are so sexy. The top, bottoms and shoes are by the developer above.

“Who do you think is the most influential developer? The most profitable? The most disappointing?”
This questions was pulses and I received a few answers, and here they are:

Influential – Diiva
Profitable – Noone
Disappointing – Everyone

Influential – MissC
Profitable – OccultBaby or Maspc (meshes)
Disappointing – Omitted

Diiva is one of the most influential & profitable ones..but to me
the disappointing ones was the texture thieves & peope who dnt even work
hard to get pro .. -.- cuz its a few crappy prods out here…BUT .
Diiva is one becaus she works hard & not only that but shee tries to help others.

Featured Dev:

I adore this developer her fashion and products are cute, unique, and
I can mix and match them with some of my other fave developers.

Win It:

The Luna Avatar is Sinderella‘s newest masterpiece.
It is an essential avatar for models, with unique poses great for ads and contests.
And like on of my favorite bloggers did with the Venus avatar I am giving one of these away.
From now until Oct. 17th, anyone can win it! Simply reply to this post, and tell me how
this avatar will improve your modeling career, why you should win, – something along those lines.
Don’t forget to post your IMVU name as well. Good Luck!

That’s all for this chica. ‘Night.